NYC Baby Fine Art | Evelyn

NYC Baby Fine Art

I met little Evelyn at her NYC apartment after 45 minutes of figuring out how to park in her parents garage spot. It’s so rare to have a private spot in the city and it was saved for me upon my arrival. Only downfall was that the building was older so spots and cars were made a bit smaller than they are now. I have a medium size SUV (nothing big) and I was sweating getting into this spot. I didn’t think I can do it. Little did I know it was going to be twice as challenging pulling out of the spot. Actually almost next to impossible but I did it unscathed. I’m pretty sure the parking took longer than the actual session. So little Ms. Evelyn was nice and chill for her session. It was a Classic Collection so we just focused on getting some amazing shots of her only. We started on the beanbag on my peach fabric and followed it up with my wooden bed. I was able to use my new woolie blanket from CwthiCoo who makes the best fur layers and such. 


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