Jersey City One Year | Nami

Jersey City One Year

Not all one year sessions consist of cake smashes. At the end of October I arrived to the Jersey City home of baby Nami. She was turning 1 years old and the parents just wanted to focus on this special milestone without the mess of a cake. It was what I considered fine art portraits for a child. Nami was a super calm baby with very limited smiles. This is completely natural with children her age though. They experience what is called “stranger danger” at this age and they are kind of figuring out who we were and what was happening to her with all these lights and costume changes. I try to mention to parents that this happens more often than expected and we’re just happy they are not crying and running off the set. So even though Nami didn’t want to give us that huge cheesy smile she gave us absolute attention with her mesmerizing eyes. Just take a look how adorable she was!


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