NYC Sitter Session | Kevin

NYC Sitter Session

Nothing is cuter than a “Sitter Session” or also known as a milestone session. These are best photographed when baby is 6-9 months or can sit unattended by themselves. Babies at this age start developing a little personality and give so much expression. They are typically also pretty immobile for the most part but you do get a few accelerated crawlers that will make you sweat a bit. This session usually runs about an hour and we always do two setups with an optional third if the parent requests a naked shot. Little Kevin was quite serious for the most part but he was super cute and really made great eye contact. I was also able to use my new bamboo basket for the first time which was a little smaller than it looked when I ordered it online but nevertheless it did its job. To find out more about sitter sessions click here.

Jessica Elbar Photography specializes in luxury newborn and maternity photography in NYC and surrounding areas including but not limited to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and various locations throughout New Jersey. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or interested in booking a session.