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NYC Twins Newborn Photography

NYC Twins Newborn Photography My first session of the new year were twin baby girls Alaia & Aynara. They were born approximately 8 weeks earlier but we had to wait until they were both released from the hospital to do the session. I was extremely nervous we would not be able to achieve any of...

Brooklyn Twin Newborn Photographer | Mariella & Matteo

Brooklyn Twin Newborn Photographer My other set of boy/girl twins that were also born on May 4th were Mariella & Matteo. I met them and their family at their Brooklyn home the day after photographing another twin session. My back was already breaking but I knew it would be so worth it in the end. My...

Staten Island Twin Newborn Photographer | James & Samantha

Staten Island Twin Newborn Photographer I just happened to be contacted for two sets of twins on the same day. It was more of a coincidence that they ended up also being born the same day and almost full term so the sessions were scheduled back to back. I think anyone can tell you that...

Queens Twin Newborn Photographer | Natalie & Evelyn

Queens Twin Newborn Photographer It was Monday morning in Queens, NY that I was able to meet identical twin girls Natalie & Evelyn. They were the cutest little peanuts you ever did see. Working with them for only a few short hours I was able to tell them apart without a problem. Even at 14...


Jessica Elbar Photography
315 West 39th St, Suite 305, New York, NY 10018

Jessica Elbar is a New York City photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, child, and boudoir portraits. Our studio is located in Midtown, NYC.



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