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NYC Twins Newborn Photography

NYC Twins Newborn Photography My first session of the new year were twin baby girls Alaia & Aynara. They were born approximately 8 weeks earlier but we had to wait until they were both released from the hospital to do the session. I was extremely nervous we would not be able to achieve any of...

NJ Twin Photographer | Alina & Corey

NJ Twin Photographer Two nuggets are always better than one! I met Alina & Corey in their NJ home on the morning of their newborn session. They were small babies both weighing around 6lbs each.  Typically for twin session all planning and rules go out the door. It is more about what we can do...

Brooklyn Twin Newborn Photographer | Mariella & Matteo

Brooklyn Twin Newborn Photographer My other set of boy/girl twins that were also born on May 4th were Mariella & Matteo. I met them and their family at their Brooklyn home the day after photographing another twin session. My back was already breaking but I knew it would be so worth it in the end. My...

Staten Island Twin Newborn Photographer | James & Samantha

Staten Island Twin Newborn Photographer I just happened to be contacted for two sets of twins on the same day. It was more of a coincidence that they ended up also being born the same day and almost full term so the sessions were scheduled back to back. I think anyone can tell you that...

Queens Twin Newborn Photographer | Natalie & Evelyn

Queens Twin Newborn Photographer It was Monday morning in Queens, NY that I was able to meet identical twin girls Natalie & Evelyn. They were the cutest little peanuts you ever did see. Working with them for only a few short hours I was able to tell them apart without a problem. Even at 14...


Jessica Elbar Photography
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Jessica Elbar is a New York City photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, child, and boudoir portraits. Our studio is located in Midtown, NYC.



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